Too fast for the naked tie…

Ha! Made you look! I’m fully dressed, na-na-nabooboo.

I did play poker tonight, but it was the non-strip kind, thank goodness. My last wager will be that all of you are glad that I am beclad.

Ok, now it’s time to pretend that it’s Friday, or at least Saturday, and get down to some biz on this Friday Tie du Jour. My TdJ is a knit special, from the house of Mark Shale, one of Chicago’s finest purveyors of clothing. It’s a dark green heather that’s pretty plain, save for the texture that really shows the quality. Casual Friday meant that I could bust out the plaid; Friday also means Freebie Friday, so if anyone wants to comment with something nice, then it’s yours (if, on the off chance that there are more than one, I’ll choose by committee (of one) who gets it.

Saturday, I went to the Northwestern-Illinois tackle football contest at Wrigley. I say tackle in a brief moment of sarcasm (not my first today, I promise), as Illini RB Mikel Leshoure nailed 330 yards runnin up on the board. Actually it was tons of fun…

Later that night I went to the improvOlympic for a musical comedy revue, called, tastefully, “Cupid Has A Heart On.” I did snap a picture of the ticket guy, and darnit if I didn’t forget his name.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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