The tie is cast…

Madam, you are ugly. In the morning I shall be sober.  –Winston Churchill, to Bessie Braddock, after she told him, “Sir, you are drunk.”

Well, at least I started out with a title this time. Last night/this morning’s blog entry was fraught with a stunning lack of brainpower. Wow…I wrote the whole thing without a title, and never made one up. Only tonight did I realize it, and put one on there. But Aug 17-18 will go down as the day…the braincells…died. They started singin’, bye bye…

And if that weren’t bad enough, I think my Ugly Tie Week continues to be a failure. Today’s tie was met with a collective ‘Meh…’ from the viewing public. We had our Chamber’s Business After Hours this evening, and within 5 minutes, I received 3 comments about how conservative I looked. That is so not me. I guess I should have named this week Boring Tie Week.

Funky AND ugly

My latest attempt at ugliness (aka the Tie du Jour) is from Bugatti, apparently out of Germany, who had plenty of ugly fashion trends in the 70s and 80s (and in most other decades I’d wager). But, there are plenty of good things that come out of there, style-wise (I don’t know if Steffi Graf’s legs count as style, per se, but they are plenty good), I am sure. It’s a maroon, with weird patterns and streaks and…yahhh! It’s ugly, people! Agree with me, please!

And, now, we bring you to the photo portion of tonight’s blog posting.

Chris-Tie No. 14

Here is Chris Chaudruc, doing his best to look busy. Hard to look busy in a clip-on!! Chris runs a website (which I am helping with), called, which displays drink and food specials from bars and restaurants throughout Evanston.

Chris-Tie No. 4

Paula-Tie No. 86

And here are two friends, Paula Kostuik and Chris Comi. Paula’s parents are good friends with my parents down in Destin. Natch, I became good friends with PK and her boyfriend CC. No, they don’t call me BS. At least to my face.

Since we at the Chamber just had an event, I thought I’d hearken back to our last event, the SOHO (Small Ofc, Home-based Ofc) Network from last Wednesday. I took a bunch of pix from that event (I brought in about a dozen or so), and away we go…

Cynthia Early (Tie No.97

Wink-wink…here’s Cynthia Early, from Edward Jones Investments. She actually cold-called me at my house, about 3 weeks before I started working for the Chamber. We have thus proven that one can be friends with d00r-to-door sales folks.

Dana Pearl-Tie No. 94

Dana Pearl, from the Human Organization, is one of the board’s favorites. She constantly has ideas and suggestions meant to better us as a Chamber.

Randy-Tie No. 74

Randy Sable is the Man at Total Benefit Services. He said he only wears a tie once or twice a year. I’m not sure if the 80s-rocker-bandana counts as wearing, but it looks pretty good.

And here’s Elizabeth Cooley, owner of Compass Organizing. She organized my office, a

Elizabeth Cooley-Tie No. 39

nd helped me get my email-work-flow in a semblance of order.

Speaking of order, I need to get back on a good writing/publishing schedule.

Thanks for reading…more pix to come. Brooke


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