Can’t spell (no title) without…well, that was just pathetic.

Yesterday my ugly tie got a few compliments (but someone finally did put it in its place–I’ll cut/paste what they said if they give me the thumbs-up). Today, unfortunately, I hurt someone’s feelings when they saw my Tie du Jour. My own mother, who had just given it to me, broke down crying.

Cardinal = Ugly Tie

No, not really, my mom is pretty tough. Tough enough to admit that it never snowed on her way to school (it was Louisiana), AND she was driven (both ways). She gave this to me (from the Dad Collection) when I was down in Florida in June. After being thrown for somewhat of a loop with all the adoration of Ugly Tie No. 1, I think I had a tough time with No. 2 (yes, that poop joke WAS intentional…thanks for shopping). She did sound a bit disappointed that it was chosen this week. So, Mom, I’m sorry! But…it has a cardinal on it, and I’m a Cub fan. Nuff said.

The TdJ is another strip from Wembley.

I didn’t take any PWT pics today, so I’ll be able to catch up on those…


Last week I went to a happy hour at the new Pensiero Ristorante. They have a mixologist named Adam, who came over from the Violet Lounge to start pouring some amazing concoctions in the bar. We also ran into William, a waiter there (he helped guide my gastronomical way about three weeks ago, during their soft opening) AND former Guy With Tie, who makes it into 100D100T again with another William. Matching ties, one pic.


So, it’s always nice to stop someone who’s wearing a tie, tell them quickly about the blog, and then ask to take a photo. JD here was a very good sport…he pulled into the line at Potbelly here in Evanston, wearing a tie, and then proceeded to listen to me tell him quickly about the blog and agree to a photo.

Walt-Tie No. 78

Pat-Tie No. 27

Mike, praying for Tie No. 80

So, last week, I ran into my friend here, Pat Hughes. He was the first guy to wear one of the ties that I brought around. I saw him at the new Bagel Art (corner of Dempster & Sherman), having a meeting with these two guys, Mike and Walt. Pat was kind enough to talk them into sporting my ties as well.

This past Monday we held a meeting of the Evanston Chamber’s Board of Directors. Wow, have I typed a less-exciting sentence in the history of this blog? Perhaps not. But, trust me, it’s more exciting than it sounds, as our board is filled with cool, fun people. As you can see from this montage (and you must say ‘montage’ in the John Houseman acting style–slowly, crisply), they are more than willing to throw on a tie in the name of ChariTIES.

Rebecca Berneck - Officeheads

Bob Piron - Belgian Chocolatier Piron

Carolyn Dellutri - Downtown Evanston

Chris Mailing - Turin Bicycle

David Le Roy - Diagnostics Technical Support

David "DFish" Fisher - RockStar Consulting

Jaime Varela - Harris Bank

Jeff Murphy - Saint Francis Hospital

Joe Liss - Brown, Kaplan + Liss

Larry Widmayer - Koenig & Strey GMAC

Pat Kelly - John J. Cahill Inc.

Paul Hletko - Heathcote Holdings

Rick Braunstein - Rotary Int'l

Sean O'Grady - NorthShore University HealthSystem

Shaun Chinsky - Good's of Evanston

And, last, but certainly nowhere close to least…

Tracey Samlow - MJ Catering

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Can’t spell (no title) without…well, that was just pathetic.”

  1. Dan Murrell Says:

    One man’s ugly is another man’s pride and joy. And sometimes, for even one man, the two can be separated by only a couple of years. (God save us from the seventies!)

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