Ties the Season to be Jolly

I am back. The ties are back. And, best of all, TieXchange is here.

I have offered a couple of tie-teases with my last posts (yikes. October.), but I’m ready to tell you all about TieXchange.

TieXchange is a new venture that has been started by me and my friend Chris Chaudruc (a Guy With Tie, of course). A TieXchange membership gives you the right to receive an unlimited number of ties, one or two at a time. Monthly and annual memberships are offered, and many of my 100 Days, 100 Ties are available to put into your TieQ. In all, there are 140 ties from which to choose, and we are adding dozens per week.

In addition to our sending TieXchange ties out and receiving them back, we will offer an exchange service. Once you join, you can send photos of ties that you no longer wear (and no longer wish to keep). We will assess their condition, as well as their brand, and offer credits on TieXchange purchases (all ties arrive with a ‘Buy Tie’ price) and future memberships.

We are live right now, and looking for subscribers. Here’s a link to take you right to our subscription page. Check us out!

So, now it’s time to go back several weeks for my Tie du Jour. It’s a gorgeous white strip from Express, with orange and purple stripes. Look for the next several ties that I’ve worn recently in the next few days.

Thanks for reading…Brooke




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