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Tied and Seek

October 20, 2011

Unlike yesterday’s foray into an advice column, today I will get straight to the Tie du Jour. Well, at least I will after I admit that I failed to mention my final bit of tie-storing advice to my cousin Beaux (former GWT). As I have captured in a photo on this very blog, I use suit hangers to keep my ties separate once I’ve worn them. There’s no reason this can’t also be a method of keeping not only your ties off the closet floor, but also of keeping your momma happy that you have such a clean room. And believe me, keeping a room clean is not a genetic trait amongst the males in my family.

My TdJ is an example of the foray into the funky colors that could be captured through the use of synthetic materials. Of course, these wunderfabriks had also been used to make the dull blue/brown/black ties that went along with the white/blue/mustard work shirts of the BusinessMan of the 60s (or Dwight Shrute). There just seemed to be a funky creepin’ in, sometime around the late 60s. I gotta scan some pix from my youth…not only am I wearing some retina-searing color combos, my folks’ garb was definitely Brady-esque. Thank goodness they never matched each other, or me and my brother.

Anyway, the TdJ is from Beau Brummel, and it’s polyester. Dacron, orlon, klingon…does it really matter at this point? Yes, I hid it under a sweater, not because it was bordering on ugly, but because I found a stain (old Campbell’s soup…mmm, good) that I hadn’t caught — or tasted — at Unique Thrift Store. The knot gives you plenty of perspective on its, um, colorfulnessosity.

Okay, the mention in my last post that I would spill the beans on TieXchange was apparently a tease. But, I will give the basics here: TieXchange will be a membership-based wardrobe enhancer. For a modest annual or monthly fee, one can select from a growing selection of new and pre-worn ties. One (or two, depending on the membership plan) of those selected strips will arrive in the mail, ready for wear. After wearing them as many times as the aforementioned ‘one’ so pleases, the tie is returned, after which another tie from the queue will shortly arrive. We hope to have it ready in the next couple of weeks, but feel free to click on the link and submit your email address to us.

I guess it wasn’t a tease. More TieXchange info to follow…

Thanks for reading…Brooke