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Ich bin Tien Berliner

January 6, 2012

In a very famous linguistic incident, a very famous tie-wearer, President John F. Kennedy tried to announce to a raucous crowd of Berliners that he, too was a Berliner. Unfortunately, adding the ein in there meant he was claiming to be a jelly donut.

In the past couple of years, it’s been cool to see where 100 Days 100 Ties has shown up, electronically speaking. WordPress has a great statistics interface that shows you how people are finding your blog. Today I was intrigued by the fact that 3 users had come to the page via a German blog called ‘Tie Society.’ I went there, scrolled down about three or four posts, and voila! A mention of 100D100T. All in German, of course. So, for 5 frenetic minutes, I cut/pasted to Yahoo’s Babelfish website, hoping to get a sense of what they said about me (and hoping they didn’t think I was ein Jellydonut.

I love Babelfish, by the way. When you enter full sentences to translate, it usually throws back some fairly hilarious English equivalents. Here is the last sentence of the Tie Society post (which assures me that they’re on board with the concept of 100D100T):

For all the little experimentation joy, offer the side thus a row at carrying and combination variants and the whole have are simply a funny and unterhaltsame idea.

Unterhaltsame, upon further research, is German for ‘entertaining.’ I can take funny and entertaining!

My Tie du Jour (or Krawatte des Tages – KdT – in German) is a skinny one. Very synthetic and very very vintage. It’s from the house of Haband’s. Not sure if I’d wear this pukey-colored mustard on many other articles of clothing, but it seems to be okay on this strip. The cornflower-y blue helps a bit. It pains me to imagine the original owner of this tie potentially wearing this with a pair of matching, pukey-mustard pants. Sansabelts. [shudder]

There is a blog/tiemaker/retailer that I follow a bit, Ellie Laveer. She makes custom bow ties via her company the Cordial Churchman. She and her husband are posting one gorgeous bow tie per day in 2012. Check them out…the fabrics are simply stunning, almost like you can feel them online. I’d love to get some of her ties onto TieXchange.

Thanks for reading…Brooke