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Ich bin Tien Berliner

January 6, 2012

In a very famous linguistic incident, a very famous tie-wearer, President John F. Kennedy tried to announce to a raucous crowd of Berliners that he, too was a Berliner. Unfortunately, adding the ein in there meant he was claiming to be a jelly donut.

In the past couple of years, it’s been cool to see where 100 Days 100 Ties has shown up, electronically speaking. WordPress has a great statistics interface that shows you how people are finding your blog. Today I was intrigued by the fact that 3 users had come to the page via a German blog called ‘Tie Society.’ I went there, scrolled down about three or four posts, and voila! A mention of 100D100T. All in German, of course. So, for 5 frenetic minutes, I cut/pasted to Yahoo’s Babelfish website, hoping to get a sense of what they said about me (and hoping they didn’t think I was ein Jellydonut.

I love Babelfish, by the way. When you enter full sentences to translate, it usually throws back some fairly hilarious English equivalents. Here is the last sentence of the Tie Society post (which assures me that they’re on board with the concept of 100D100T):

For all the little experimentation joy, offer the side thus a row at carrying and combination variants and the whole have are simply a funny and unterhaltsame idea.

Unterhaltsame, upon further research, is German for ‘entertaining.’ I can take funny and entertaining!

My Tie du Jour (or Krawatte des Tages – KdT – in German) is a skinny one. Very synthetic and very very vintage. It’s from the house of Haband’s. Not sure if I’d wear this pukey-colored mustard on many other articles of clothing, but it seems to be okay on this strip. The cornflower-y blue helps a bit. It pains me to imagine the original owner of this tie potentially wearing this with a pair of matching, pukey-mustard pants. Sansabelts. [shudder]

There is a blog/tiemaker/retailer that I follow a bit, Ellie Laveer. She makes custom bow ties via her company the Cordial Churchman. She and her husband are posting one gorgeous bow tie per day in 2012. Check them out…the fabrics are simply stunning, almost like you can feel them online. I’d love to get some of her ties onto TieXchange.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


Rarin’ to bow

June 7, 2011

Well, my two-day tie-atus came to a sudden end on Saturday night, before going to Mudlark Theater‘s Wine (and Chocolate) Tasting affair at Vinic Wine in Evanston. My friend (and GWT alum) Mike Miro is the Managing Director, and he and the board asked me to join their board. ‘Tis yet another step towards my goal of galactic rule. My first decree: Ties for all! Oh, and universal (truly universal) healthcare. I’ll eliminate the DH, too.

In a rare display of brain activity (apparently brought on by dreams of sovereignty), I remembered that I still had a bow tie/cummerbund set with champagne bottles (and glasses) all over it. Very powerful, wouldn’t you agree? I ditched the cummerbund, of course, and sported my new BTdJ. Sandeep over at Vinic liked it so much he asked if he could have it (and the cummerbund) to display with his champagnes.

All is well over at Few Spirits. Getting my bearings as we all get into the work flow. I’ll have much more to report soon. I should have my first outing in the next couple of weeks, and I’ll wear a tie, of course.

Thanks for reading…Brooke



I’m your ice cream man, stop me when I’m passing tie…

May 4, 2011

An open letter to Mother Nature:

Hiya Ma,

I can tell you’re angry. I don’t know what someone said or did to you to make you so upset, but I hope it wasn’t me. Oh, sure, you’ve given us crappy Aprils before, but my calendars all agree that it’s May now. Today started out with a little bit of sunshine, so I dressed accordingly, without checking the thermometer. You know that I’m not a weather checker: I know you can and will do your job, and you don’t need me playing armchair quarterback like that Tom Skilling. Later on in the day, the clouds had swallowed that star that keeps us warm, and the thermometer in my car (which has a sunroof, not an overcast roof!!) reading said 45 degrees.

Whatever we can do, please let me know and I’ll tell everybody. I’m sure we’re all ready for a collective “I’m sorry” so we can revive our spring.

Sunnily yours,


Anyone got a stamp?

Yeah, we Chicagolanders love to talk about the weather. Unofficial stats put forth by at least one blogger (me) note that 92% of elevator conversations speak entirely on what’s going on outside. The other 8%, by the way, are broken up this way: 5%-Bears; 3%-fact that coffee hasn’t been had yet.

The temps just aren’t lending themselves to a good Bow Tie Week. As you can see from my ensemble pic, I brought out the seersucker (just the blazer, not the full suit–gots to be hots). Honestly, seersucker isn’t meant to be shivered in, nor is it used to having a trench coat worn over it. The nerve!

So, let’s pretend it was summer as we describe the Bow Tie du Jour. It’s a Murrell Special from Beau Ties of Vermont. Now, I’m not sure if it was originally from there, or if they fashioned it out of a regular necktie. I think that’s a great service…I have a couple of strips that I want them to make a bow tie out of. Anyway, this looks like it may have been an Hermès in its prior life…

Thanks again, Dan, for loaning me a few of your precious bow ties!

Speaking of Few, tomorrow is a big day at Few Spirits. The first batch will be run through the mash tank and put into the fermentation container. Cross your fingers that those little yeasty beasties will get hongry on those sugars and produce some yummy booze.

Thanks for reading…Brooke