Knockin’ me out with those American ties

May as well stick to rock, as I tramp back to the AC/DC well once more (Tieway to Hell was the other). This little ditty has anthem written all over it.

Anyway, on to my Wednesday, which truly was a day full of Wednes, whatever that may be. If Wednes is networking, then yes, I had that, as our Business After Hours was held this evening.

Tie No. 297

My Tie du Jour for this occasion was a late pickup from Unique Thrift Store. It’s from Joseph & Lyman, a mark of Bloomingdale’s, due to the fact that the store was founded by brothers Joseph and…and? Take a guess. Yessiree, Bob [insert your name here if it isn’t ‘Bob’], it’s Lyman [you shouldn’t insert another name here, since ‘Lyman’ is the correct answer]!

Throwing it with this shirt was kind of a lark, but I think it works out okay, as the shirt actually has a little orange stripe next to the green one.

Of course, since it was a networking event, we had a couple of GWTs in attendance at the Hilton Garden Inn.

First, we have Tom Hegelberger, HGI’s new sales guy (sorry, Tom, wasn’t sure the exact title…I doubt “sales guy” will be on your business cards). He is a big fan of ties, so we’ll have lots to talk about.

And, Robert Griffin, of Griffin Financial Strategies, was sportin’ a sweet Jerry Garcia tie.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Knockin’ me out with those American ties”

  1. Timothy Says:

    Wedn is a form of Odin. So it’s moon, mars, odin, thor, friga, saturn, sun

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