Ties, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

I probably should wait until July 4 to honor those words from the Declaration of Independence, but I probably won’t wear a tie then. So, the Thursday before Memorial Day gets the nod. Ironically, I’ll be touting a tie that comes from the colonial oppressor that caused Tommy Jefferson, Johnny Hancock and the rest of the Yank rabble rousers to pen it.

The Tie du Jour is another from Liberty of London. This must be my 5th or 6th Liberty, most of which came through my dad’s collection. This one had a great blue and pink floral pattern, and like the others it’s a bit different in that it’s 100% cotton.

Well, so I don’t make this the shortest post on record, I’ll keep on writing…

I’m coming up on my last day at the Evanston Chamber. Tuesday will be bittersweet, obviously, and a bit nervy. I feel a bit as though I’m stepping off a pier without knowing what’s down there. I’m pretty sure there’s water, and I’m hoping it’s warm and swimmable. I know I have a lot of friends, families and supporters that have been wonderful as I have inched closer to this decision. There will be no sink, only swim, and the excitement will make this a great choice.

As for my destination, the main landing point is Few Spirits, a microdistillery founded by my great friend (and GWT alum) Paul Hletko. I will be the brand ambassador, providing tastings all over the Chicago area, whilst introducing our products to the imbibing public. We will soon be offering tours and tastings at our facility in SE Evanston, so I look forward to your visit.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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