Waitress in the Tie

Paid my fare, don’t wanna complain;

You get to me you’re always outta champagne.

Treat me like a bum, don’t wear no tie,

You ain’t nothin’ but a waitress in the sky.


Love love love that song, the ‘Mats rockin’, rollickin’ homage to the flight attendants in attendance. Love it even more that it talks about tie-wearing, or the lack thereof. Chances of finding a pic of these guys posing as Rockers With Ties was slim at best. But the good Google giveth, and I believe that’s Tommy Stinson in the candy-man coat and bow tie. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out indeed.

My Tie du Jour is a Jenny Special…that is to say Jenny found it at a resale shop for me, which make it special. It has a bit of special significance to Evanston history, as it hails from Wieboldt’s, a defunct department store, one of which was in Evanston. And, I must give credit where credit is due: my crapiPhone actually captured this tie perfectly. It’s such a dark navy that I thought it would look black. Well done, ciP. Should have done an ensemble pic with this one, especially with the white/brown saddles that topped it off (or bottomed it out I should say).

While picking up dinner over on Dempster Street, I met a waiter at Blind Faith Cafe who had a very timely tie on. Stan was wearing this cool NBA strip, which was in honor of the Bulls playing that night. Too bad they lost, and are now facing 3 straight (hopefully) elimination games.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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