Tie hook or tie crook

This is good, right? I spent much of Thursday thinking it was Monday or Tuesday. Being so far off probably has other mental implications, but imagine my joy when I realized that it was indeed very close to the weekend. Go ahead, I’ll give you a couple of seconds to imagine it. Got it? Isn’t that nice?

I was reminded of another nice thing this morning, when my trustiPhone calendar (it’s much more trusti than my crapiPhone camera) informed me of an impending meeting with Angela and Scott, the good folks at Paul Fredrick. If you’ll recall, Angela got in touch with me last year to say that they loved reading 100 Days, 100 Ties, and could they send me some of their strips. A few days later, I got ten ties (TEN TIES!!) from them. Awe. Some.

Anyway, I had a meeting set up with them about a little project (so mysTERious!) I’m putting together, so of course to provide some karmojo to the proceedings I wore one of the ten. Their red tie is so simple it’s elegant, with its blue and white stripes setting off the bold red. Perfect little power tie to set me straight for the phone call.

Big few days coming up. Thanks for reading…Brooke


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