Tie kingdom come, tie will be done

That may be a pretty good subject, seeing as this could be my final blog post. Well, because of the rapture and all…

So, if you’re reading this on May 22, be happy that there has been no judgment, and rest assured that there will be posts next week.

After that, however, it’s going to get tricky. I’ve gotten the word that my last day at the Chamber will be May 31. After that, my tie-wearing days will likely wane. I’ll still don them when I take up my duties as Brand Ambassador for Few Spirits, and I’ll still wear a different tie every day. But, I will probably get down to 2 or 3 posts per week…and who knows, it may be 4 or 5.

My Tie du Jour was not chosen with the looming End O’World in mind; it just kinda popped out and said “Wear me!” It’s a vintage thin from Excellon Abbey, which sounds like a monastery where they create polyester and other faux fabrics under a vow of silence: “O Lord, Bless this synthetic cloth! Work of human hands, let it chafe and age poorly, and if Thou need, it can spontaneously combust and become the de facto burning bush of the 20th century!” Yeah, I’m sure that’s what they would have said at Excellon.

The TdJ is black with dark green circular markings that may be tough to see here in the photo.

I forgot to add a picture of a GWT alum that I ran into yesterday. Jim Nash, a commercial realtor with Farnsworth-Hill, was roaming about town in this cool tie. Of course, my crapiPhone isn’t zoomy enough to capture the detail of the sinewy creatures depicted on said cool tie. Just trust me.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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