Can’t spell “vested interest” without T-I-E

It’s happened a few times in 290 posts. I’ve used a subject a bit too early and regretted it. Last week I used “Tie the power vested in me”, and today would have been more suitable, seeing as I wore a vest. Shoot. Okay, I understand that vested interest truly does contain those three important letters, along with the root word vest. But, it’s easy to verify the 20/20 hindsight cliché in times like these.

Now you see it...

All this doesn’t hide the fact that I didn’t really like my Tie du Jour. Well, at least not as well as my gray (British translation: grey) vest hides the aforementioned TdJ. This brown strip of blah is from Christian Dior, and even the small blue and red squares can’t save it. It is definitely one of those ties of my remaining collection that I was reluctant to wear. I can’t sugarcoat it, and I have to disregard the tie’s feelings.

I know a lot of you will feel sorry for this tie, and accuse me of taking out my frustrations at my not being invited to Oprah’s final show at the United Center. Well, your accusation may be right on the money. It’s just like being picked last in those kickball games (I even got picked AFTER Oprah!)…gonna take a while to get over, and there’s still a lot of ball-kicking going on.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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