Tie the power vested in me…

Nope, didn’t get married, nor did I get ordained and start marrying couples. Was just trying to think of still more phrases where I could insert ‘tie.’  Funny that I thought I’d run out about, ohhh, 7 months ago.

It’s been a while since I’ve thanked you, loyal reader, for making this fun. I am still getting, and loving, the feedback, whether it’s on here, on Facebook or in person. After yesterday’s two-fer, I think I’m at Tie No. 286 with my Tie du Jour. It’s been quite a surprise to me, that I’ve kept at it. My transition from the chamber may keep me from wearing a tie every day, but I’m sure I’ll still be at 3 or 4 per week at some point soon. There is no way I want to give this up. Ironically, as I wear them less often, ties may even become a larger part of my life. Stay tuned.

My TdJ is a pretty thin, pretty vintage blue and olive number, from the tastefully named company Prince Consort. I picked it because its tag said “BUTTON-DOWN TIE.” Yep, sure enough, this tie doesn’t need a tie clip, as it has three button holes in the tail. As you can see from the little picture to the right, I just attached it to the front of the shirt. Very handy. Oh, and they were aiming to sell this to the lowest common commoner, as it says, on the tag/keeper (along with Patent No. 2,813,273), “PUT SMALL END THRU HERE.” Well…thanks? Perfect help for the person who’s never worn a tie. Wouldn’t be me, now, would it?

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Tie the power vested in me…”

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    […] times in 290 posts. I’ve used a subject a bit too early and regretted it. Last week I used “Tie the power vested in me”, and today would have been more suitable, seeing as I wore a vest. Shoot. Okay, I understand that […]

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