A Tale of Two Cit-ties

It was the best of ties, but since I wore only two ties, I should actually say “It was the better of ties.”

Yes, on Wednesday I pulled the old switcheroo (hearkening back to the glory days of the English slanguage, when “something-eroo” was the “fo-shizzle” of the day). I wore one suit/tie combo during the day, for my regular work-a-day, then gettin’ my seersucker goin’ on for our Annual Meeting.

So, since I have twice as many pix to post, let’s get this double tie-party started.

The original strip, which I guess would be the official Tie du Jour, is pretty plain-Jane. It’s dark navy with teeny-tiny white, red and green pinstripes in it, barely visible thanks to my crapiPhone. It’s from Harridge Row, which sounds British. This is one of several fairly staid ties that I own, that I avoid constantly. Of course, I go for the bolder ones over the dullards, but I’m going to have to have a YITW pretty soon (Yawn-Inducing Tie Week). Some may say I have had several YITWs up ’til now.

Since we at the chamber love to pile extra work upon ourselves, we planned our monthly SOHO group for today at lunchtime. Hosted graciously by Coworking Evanston, a shared-office space on Davis Street, I even got to capture a new Guy With Tie.

Lightning is owner of inMotion, a consulting firm that helps businesses establish their values and processes. And, yes, his name is Lightning. Love the paisley shirt.

Back at the ranch, I added Creighton Bledsoe, one of our interns who is technically a GWT alum. He was on here before during the week when I was running around with a bag full of ties so I could try to get 100 new GWTs (that includes Girls With Ties). Gotta dig the skinny tie.

Soon it was time to head home and don my Annual Meeting attire. Oh, I needed to be noticed (attention seeker?…PRESENT!) and seersucker was just my ticket to noticedom. My Deuxième Tie du Jour (we’ll call it the provisional TdJ) had a bit more personality. Just a bit, as did my suit.

This bright neon-blue and neon-green strip is from a designer called Club Urbano. I thought it would go well with my bright seersucker suit and my bright white belt and my bright white shoes and my…well, you get the idea.

Since it was a quasi-formal occasion, there were lots of GWTs running around. I only caught a few. Let’s get right to ’em.


James Brewer is owner of Envision Wealth Architects. He’s new to the chamber, and he wore a great Ben Sherman strip that I may need to borrow.

Next we have a threebie pic, GWT alum Todd Paul joins Andrew Levin and Brian Levin, two NU students who have, along with several others, formed LEND (Lending for Evanston and Northwestern Development), a company that provides micro-loans for small businesses in struggling areas of Evanston.

Steve, version Griffin

Next we have Steve Griffin, another GWT alum, who is the Community and Economic Development Director with the City of Evanston.

Steve, version L-J

We stick with the Steves, as Steve Lemieux-Jordan was sporting a tie while also taking some pix himself. He and his wife, Genie, are owners of Evanston Photographic Studios. They were taking some LinkedIn profile photos for attendees. They got some good ones, as you’ll see in a second.

I mentioned that they were taking LinkedIn profile pics. I took mine during one of the more enjoyable moments of the evening (aka – I’d had a few beers). Which of these should I choose?

Thanks for reading…Brooke





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  1. Paul Says:

    Roar. Moar Roar!

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