Goodtie Yellow Brick Road

Ive got some goooolden chesthair

I've got a goooolden ticket!

Sir Elton John (né Reginald Dwight, which you can’t spell without T-I-E) was of course at the royal wedding of most recent happenstance. His purple tie was quite befitting of the day, very regal. Of course, many wish he had busted out one of his tie-less outfits from the 70’s. That whole wedding needed a bit of naughtiness.

Naughtiness was not the order of the day, as I spent the first part of it taking a mostly-well, slightly-sick daughter to the doctor’s office. Then that same even-more-well-less-sick daughter accompanied me to the office all day. Luckily for all involved, she brought her laptop and enough books to keep her occupied, at least until the last 90 minutes of our stay, which was of course punctuated by exceedingly rapid-fire requests to leave the premises. Huff.

But, I did manage to get a tie on – and keep my top button buttoned, even – to last the day. It’s what we now know as a Colker Special, one of the group of ties that my friend David Colker loaned me several weeks ago. They are mostly power ties, bold colors that were the favorites of folks in the trading industry. Folks like David, who went to bat for the Cincinnati Stock Exchange against the Wall Street boys. If I ever get him to wear a tie again (I’m pretty sure he’s a GWT alum), I’ll snap a pic. But, if not, then here’s one that I plucked online…

Now, on to my Tie du Jour, or the CSdJ (Colker Spécial du Jour), as it turns out. As you can guess from the Eltonian subject, it’s a bold yellow number, a power strip, so to speak. It hails from the house of Ike, Ike Behar. The one bad thing was that I didn’t have any pocket squares that set it off just right, so I had to settle for something that went with the shirt. Sheesh, did I take my bitchin’ pills today?

Tomorrow is the Chamber’s Annual Meeting, a big to-do that will soon be to-done. Our new Executive Director, Eve Doi, will take a bow, as this will be her first Evanston appearance as our new boss. Best of luck, Eve! Can’t wait to re-meet you (she met with staff during the interview process). Hope she knows that she has to do shots with all of the board members…annual meeting tradition.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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