Tie-er, Tie-er, Pants on Fire

If plans go as, um, planned, this will be Unique Tie Wique. As I am coming up with this on Tuesday night, it’ll be something of a stretch to actually come up with reasons why the ties that I wore on Monday and Tuesday were particularly unique, but I’ll do my best. The real reason I want to be unique is that my interview on WCIU’s Uniquely Chicago is scheduled to air on Thursday. I’m sure I’ll post it when it shows up on their website, unless of course I come across as a total gique (I can feel y’all nodding at the distinct possibility).

So, Monday was unique in that I made another Lee Allison tie my Tie du Jour. Well, since it was my 4th or 5th, maybe it wasn’t so unique. But, what did make it unique is that I wore it to dinner with Lee Allison himself! Yes, my friend Lawrence Neisler (not a GWT alum…yet) and I accompanied Lee and Trideep Das, his head of sales and marketing. Of course I didn’t capture this moment on camera. Doy.

Centaurea cyanus

Anydoy, my TdJ is probably my favorite color for a tie, kind of a cornflower blue. Not sure if the flowers on there are actual cornflowers (don’t think so), but…I like it.

Not sure if I mentioned, but my friend Dan’s first shipment of loaner bow ties arrived over the weekend. Soooo, what does that mean for moi and yoi? Bow Tie Week next week! I may even sique to snique one in for Unique Tie Wique.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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