Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and adverties…

I always laugh at that quote from news magnate/sailing champ Ted Turner. Ol’ Tie-One-On Ted sure had a way with words…probably still does, as I don’t really think he’s kicked off quite yet. I’m sure they’d report that on CNN…or he’d kick their asses.

My Tie du Jour had nothing to do with CNN, Ted Turner or any of Time/Warner’s other holdings. It was chosen since I was going onto Northwestern’s campus on a Chamber call.

So, yes, of course, the TdJ is mainly purple. A beautifully striped strip from Astor & Black, I like the way the different textures capture the light in, um, different ways. Not sure why this gets it into UTW (Unique Tie Wique), but let’s just say that it does.

The countdown continueth for my segment on WCIU-TV’s “Uniquely Chicago.” While it will be on (I assume) one of the three morning time slots for “You & Me in the Morning”, it will also be available online at some point. Of course, I will post a link here…

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and adverties…”

  1. Let Bygones Be Tiegones « 100 Days, 100 Ties Says:

    […] picture of his TieXchange tie, a purple striped beauty from Astor & Black. This was a former 100D100T strip, from last April. Another friend, and former GirlWT, Billie Kershasky, is a sales rep for […]

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