Tie and the Family Stone

Now that my confusion of Wednesday and Thursday is in the rear view mirror, I should get right back down to basics. So, of course, getting back to the basics means taking a flying leap into something incredibly complex. Lately I have been on a rock-n-roll lyrics kick, and now I will jump magnanimously to the rock/soul/funk fusion magic of Sly and the Family Stone. Hit it! Believe me, this is actually one of the more docile pix of Sly. There was a LOT of money spent on his and his crew’s outfits. That would have been an incredible show to experience, back in the day.

But, I digress (which I like doing)…My Tie du Jour was a gift from the night before. We had gathered for the YPE/Kiwanis Charity Poker Tournament, and David “DFish” Fisher (one of the first two members of the Guys With Ties organization) had gotten a tie back from a friend who’d borrowed it a year before. So, of course, DFish passed it onto me.

And here it is, in all its glory. It’s an Italian silk tie, from the house of Frangi. This seems to be the luxury mark of the company, Tie Rack. You can read about Tie Rack’s history here. So compelling. You get nothing but compelling here at 100D100T.

Thanks for being compelled (compulsed?). And thanks for reading…Brooke


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