You Have the Right to Remain Tielent

There is evidence, hard evidence, of a scam, executed right here in 100 Days, 100 Ties. It truly puts the blah in blog, and stems from my penchant lately (my mom’s saying, “mm-hmm, told you so”) from being over a day late with my posts. Let’s take a look at the facts:

Exhibit A

For the Tie du Wednesday, I described a red, polka-dotted Perry Ellis tie, which I did wear. Here is a photo of it on the right. Here’s a partial transcript of the trial:

Brooke the Attorney: Mr. Saucier, did you describe, in Wednesday’s post, your attendance at the Chamber’s Business After Hours, which did occur on Wednesday, April 20?

Brooke the Accused: Yes, that is correct. I took photos of Guys With Ties. In fact I could get you and your tie if you’ll just stand still for a sec…

Exhibit B

B. Attorney: Your positive response is duly noted, Mr. Saucier, please do not add such comments or triviality, which shall be stricken from the record. But, yes, this is a lovely tie, is it not? Anyway…Your Honor, I would like to enter this photo into evidence as Exhibit B. Mr. Saucier, is that you in the photo?

B. Accused: Yes, it is. Here, I’ve got my camera, hold st…

B. Attorney: Silence! And is that photo depicting your speaking (or is it singing) to those gathered at the Chamber’s Business After Hours hosted by the Rotary Club of Evanston?!

B. Accused: Yes! Say cheese!

B. Attorney: Cheeeeeeese! There, you got the photo. Satisfied? Can I get on with this? Does the tie that you are wearing match that of Exhibit A, which was posted in your blog of the same date?

B. Accused: No! No, it doesn’t! Mercy, your Honor! Mercy! I was tired, it was late, I had two posts to write, and hundreds of pictures at my disposal! I’m a fraud! Mercyyyy!!

B. Attorney: I rest my case.

So, dear readers, I hope that you will forgive me. My Tie du Jour is actually my Tie du Yesterday. The old switcheroo.

The Real McCoy (McCoy = Tie du Wednesday)

It is, however, a lovely tie. It’s a multi-colored piece of magic from Paul Fredrick. Here’s a better shot of it…

Thanks for your understanding, and thanks for your forgiveness. And, if you don’t understand and don’t forgive, thanks for reading…Brooke


2 Responses to “You Have the Right to Remain Tielent”

  1. Elizabeth Brehm Says:

    Hilarious, but this is unforgivable. Off with his head!!

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