See Spot Tie. Tie Spot Tie.

Oh, ladies and gentlemen, the next Few days are going to be filled with fun and excitement.

The stills at Few Spirits are mostly built, and are just waiting to have interesting liquids put in them, which in turn will turn into more interesting liquids. Oh, the gin & white whiskey will pour soon, my friends.

The goings-on at the Chamber are getting exciting. Apart from our regularly scheduled networking events and our quotidien ramblings and workings, we are about a month away from welcoming a brand new Executive Director. Eve Doi, from the Ames (Iowa) Chamber of Commerce, will be taking over in mid-May. Oh, the gin & white whiskey will pour soon, my friends.

Next week I’ll be having dinner with some tie guys, Lee Allison and Trideep Das, whom y’all know well from their mentorship of 100 Days, 100 Ties. Oh, the gin…ok, I’ll stop.

What I’m trying to say, besides the gin/whiskey thing, is that you should keep reading (I’ll thank you, certainement). It’s gonna be exciting.

No, you are not seeing spots. My Tie du Jour is a classic spotted tie from Perry Ellis. Red with navy polkas, it is exactly the same as the royal blue with sky blue spots Perry Ellis that I wore a few weeks ago, save for the obvious alterations.

So, another 3rd Wednesday of the month, another Business After Hours. We were hosted by the very hospitable ladies and gents of the Rotary Club of Evanston. Of course I caught a couple of them wearing ties…

Herbert Rivero is the owner of Minuteman Press, and a GWT alum. He’s also a new board member, so congrats.

I crossed the room to snap a shot of this bow-tied gent. Bruce Kaiser, who was director of the Norris Center at Northwestern, is a Rotarian and was great to chat with about ties (what else do I know?).

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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