Bridge On the River Tie

This was a pretty easy subject to concoct, for reasons you’ll see in a moment. Pretty amazed I didn’t use this one before.

If you haven’t seen this movie before, you should either spend the 2 hrs, 40 mins to watch it, or spend the next few moments agreeing with me that it should go on your list of stuff to do when you get a bunch of time freed up. Alec Guinness plays Col. Nicholson, who is the lone Jedi who fights Darth Vader and dies but keeps talking solemnly…oh, wait, wrong Sir Alec flick. Col. Nicholson commands a bunch of soldiers in a Japanese prison camp while they build a bridge (if you guessed that it was on the River Kwai, you get a donut) that has strategic value to military supply trains. I was a bit surprised that there aren’t any pictures of him in a tie—he’s a British officer for cripes sake—but then I realized he’s in prison. Prisoners don’t get ties. Bad for morale when morale is bad enough to hang one’s self with it, I guess.

The Bridge to my Tummy

So, on to less depressing topics…my Tie du Jour should lighten the mood! It’s a whimsical depiction of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, from the creative mind/desk of Ralph Marlin. I think the blue color just captures exactly what all of us in Chicagoland wished what our weather could be like on a mid-April day. But, no, we got soot gray with bone-chilling rain and hail on a 38 degree day. Felt like friggin’ February. In Canada.

Anyway, the tie just jumped out at me this morning, and I thought it would go okay with this shirt. The tie’s so unique that it probably doesn’t matter what shirt I put it with. Oh, yeah, it probably did. This could be really ugly with the right/wrong shirt…

So, I’ve figured out my Bow Tie Week, I think. My friend Dan is loaning me some of his bow ties, and I’ll wear one or two thru the end of April, then, starting May 2, I’ll have my first Bow Tie Week. If you’ll recall, I previously had Bow Tie Fortnight. Maybe if he sends me enough, I’ll just plow through and have BTF II.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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