Prettie in Pink

Our nation was fooled. Fooled into thinking that Molly Ringwald was a lead actress. Oh, sure, she headlined “Sixteen Candles,” one of my top 10 favorite movies, but didn’t Anthony Michael Hall steal that show? I have mentioned several times, often in the face of dumbfounded looks, that AMH’s turn in that coming-of-age flick is/was the finest performance in acting history. Could Hall have replaced an Olivier, a Brando, a Nicholson, a Burton? Well, perhaps not. But I riposte and say that none of those acteurs could have taken on the role of Farmer Ted.

My role-crush causes me to digress. Molly Ringwald conned an entire country of movie-watching suckers with her turns as a desired teen in “Pretty in Pink” and “The Breakfast Club.” We, and John Hughes, finally figured it out and she was left to pick up the pieces in a world that finally figured out that there were actually cute actresses—and Kathy Bates—ready to take on major roles.

So, my pink Tie du Jour? It’s a simple paisley from Mark Shale, and it was given to me by my friend Paul Giddings, who owns Folk Works Gallery along with his wife Cease. They moved house last year, and they bagged up about 30 or 35 ties, in order to donate them. Well, signals were crossed and the bag made the trek to the new condo; once they found it, they already knew about 100D100T, so they gave the bag to me. I could have a Giddings month! But, seriously, there are some pretty nice ones in there, so I should be okay for a while.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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