I get tie with a little help from my friends

At press time, I’m less than two weeks from the one-year anniversary of starting 100 Days, 100 Ties. It should have ended in August (I think it was), on Tie No. 100. But, with the help of my friends, and with the help of a seriously tie-acquiring problem, I’m now writing about Tie No. 234 or so. While there is an end in sight, finding 10 or 12 ties, left by my friend David Colker, at my office does not lead me to believe that the end is coming soon. More on that as we approach March 15…

Thursday I went back to high school. Kinda. After having our February gathering postponed due to the blizzard, my Leadership Evanston class finally met over at Evanston Township High School. It was an educational day, as we learned about local education. I have two new categories now, with three new WT members.

One of our daily activities was a visit to Washington School, where we met the principal, Kate Ellison, and the assistant principal, Erik Friedman. Erik (good thing I checked online for the proper spelling) was sporting a classic navy tie with white dots, and I just had to impose. And, lo, the PWT is born (Principals With Ties).

Witherspoon & Robey (sounds like a buddy cop movie)

Later on we were regaled with speeches by two big hitters in Evanston education. Eric (had to check again) Witherspoon is the superintendent of District 202, which oversees our high school, which has three or four thousand students, and hundreds of employees. In the same picture is the other charter member of the SWT (Superintendents With Ties) crew, Mike Robey, Assistant Superintendent of District 65, who is charged with our grade schools.

Okay, now even though it was a casual dress-type day, I decided to sport a tie, given the folks we’d be meeting. I wore another plain-ish strip, a red one this time, but I put it under a sweater, just so it would peek out a little bit. Voila! Casual.

Thanks for reading…Brooke



One Response to “I get tie with a little help from my friends”

  1. Brooke Saucier Says:

    Thanks, Ginger, for sending me this link…

    Yes, those RWT (Rockers With Ties) from Liverpool sure wear a lot of ties…

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