A loaf of bread, a jug of tie, and thou…

I'm sure there's a tie in there

Just another crazy Pulaski Day Weekend! I mean, it’s an incredible weekend, celebrated the entire breadth of Cook County, honoring the life of Casimir Pulaski (or Cazzie P, as he was known around the pre-battle campsite), who saved the life of the Father of our Country. If he hadn’t, perhaps Peyton Randolph (Pres of 1st Continental Congress), would have been first president. We’d have Randolph DC, the Randolph Monument, Randolph Apples and the Randolph Redskins.

And, most importantly, Mortimer Duke might not have had a brother named Randolph, and he may not have worn a sweet bow tie. What category would these guys be in? TWT (Tycoons With Ties)? HWT (Humanitarians With Ties)? In all likelihood, I’d say MODWT (Manipulative Old Douchebags With Ties) would be best…

As for my Tie du Jour, it was a loaner from my friend David Colker. Every time he sees me in a tie, David gleefully informs me that he doesn’t have to wear them very much any more. So, last week, he gladly dropped off about a dozen or so, from his days as CEO of the Cincinnati Stock Exchange (which became the National Stock Exchange). This first one is from the house of [the brand name of this TdJ has been withheld, due to the fact that the author removed the tie at the office on Friday, and will not be able to retrieve the aforementioned brand name until he gets to the office around 11am], and it went really well with the houndstooth pants that aren’t seen in this picture. Trust me.

Thanks for trusting. Thanks for reading…Brooke




One Response to “A loaf of bread, a jug of tie, and thou…”

  1. Brooke Saucier Says:

    Jhane Barnes. The tie is a Jhane Barnes. I’m not jhoking.

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