Don’t tie over spilled milk

Is the word in that phrase ‘spilt’ or ‘spilled’? My handy-dandy WordPress spell-check seemed to underline (aka disapprove) ‘spilt’, but then again it underlined ‘WordPress’ so maybe it’s on strike.

Reminds me of Halloween my freshman year in college (oh, here we go again with one of Grampa’s stories!)…my soon-to-be roommate, Jason Anderson walked into a costume party, clad all in white, with a paper towel pinned to his chest. He had bent a coat hanger in such a way that it was wrapped around his neck with one end and hanging over his body with the other. On that hanging end was attached an open carton of milk. What the hell are you, we asked. Dude…I’m SPILLED MILK! he replied. Or maybe he said SPILT.

Anyway, enough 80s fun. On to the Topic du Jour, which is a Tie du Jour. It comes from the house of Nautica. It’s a lovely blue with a wavy, khaki-esque nautical (hey, they know what they’re doing) pattern. I still have several ties that aren’t the flashiest–a lot of somewhat plain reds and blues that rarely get asked to dance. This one was kinda the nicest of the blands, so to speak.

Captured a Guy With Tie, although now that I think about it, he may be a GWT alum. Scott Whitaker is head of the Kellogg Entrepreneurship Internship Program over at Northwestern’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management. Very hazy picture, very nice guy. My friend Chris and I ran into him before he was to judge an entrepreneur contest for NU students.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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