No better tie than the present!

Julia loves Christmas Day. Of course she does. What 9-year old doesn’t? She got some great presents, but this year was the first that I recall that she was really excited about what she gave other folks. She made it very clear that I would love my present from her, and I’m surprised she didn’t let the cat out of the bag.

So, of course it was a tie. Had to be a tie. Had to be a Christmas tie. Santa playing golf (the fat man has a pretty nice follow through!). Since it was Christmas Day, I had to wear it, right? Good thing my green shirt had a collar so I could put it on right away…

Thanks, my sweet little Julia. I do LOVE IT.

SWT - Stepson With Tie

My stepsons also received new ties for Christmas, and Josiah wanted a quick lesson on how to tie it. He is a natural (well, he was a Boy Scout, so knot-tying is easy for him), so he got it on the 2nd try. Wear it well, JT, and welcome to the GWT fraternity.

Today I’m leaving for the somewhat warmer climes of the Florida panhandle. A little sun, a little golf, a lot of oysters. I am NOT bringing a tie. Unless I borrow one from my Dad (a distinct possibility) on New Year’s Eve, I won’t be posting for the rest of the year.

I know that I always thank you at the end of each post, but I want to take a moment to tell you how much I have appreciated your readership, your comments, your encouragement–and YOUR TIES!–since March 16. I have worn, and written about, 194 ties since then, and it couldn’t have been done without your feedback and following. I look forward to reengaging with you on January 3 as 100 Days, 100 Ties nears the 200 mark. Please keep reading, as I will probably get to one year’s worth of ties before pulling the plug on this endeavor (British translation: endeavour).

Thanks for reading…Brooke



One Response to “No better tie than the present!”

  1. Angela Says:


    Paul Fredrick enjoys your blog. I know there’s not too much time left but we’d like to send you some free ties. Where can we send them?


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