Auld lang tiene

It should be patently obvious that I did NOT resolve to stop my tie-centric puns to subject-ify my blog posts. I shall not apologize.

My baby brother

Okay, the last tie of the year, and we had a little fun. My younger brudder Grant and his wife Mo gave me a brand new tie for Christmas. You can see it, and my brother, on the right. My brother is the bearded, tie-less fella. Stay tuned…I’m sure I’ll soon tell you what he does for a living. And, no, he’s not an astronaut. Nor is he a shepherd. Anyway, this picture is our most common pose…Mom insists every couple of years that we re-enact her favorite photo of the two of us, taken when we were, perhaps, 15 & 18.

Pillow Tie

At first glance, and even at second glance, it’s a beautiful tie. A few good blue hues on a white field sounds like a winner, and this one proves the victory here. But! There are two surprises with this strip. A) It’s a clip-on tie. B) It’s inflatable. “What the heck!” you exclaim. “Whyforeartthou inflatable, you tie?” It’s a Pillow Tie. If I’m wearing it and I get tired, I can simply inflate the membrane and use it as a pillow. Check out this and other life-extending trip tips on their efficiently named product on their efficiently named website.

Well, for New Year’s Eve, we were at a party hosted by some friends of my parents. Their wonderfully fun son, Jason, was sporting this awesome bow tie with suspenders. Great smile on this kid…

Thanks for reading in 2010, and I look forward to entertaining you in 2011…Brooke


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