Tie-lent night, Holy night

I thought my holiday ties would be all used up by the time I got to Christmas Eve Eve, but I remembered that one of my remaining bow ties had failed to make the cut during Bow Tie Fortnight. So, I dusted it off and fired it up for Christmas Eve dinner, over at Diane’s.

This tie was a part of a bow tie / cummerbund set that my brother and I wore to high school formal dances. One of these days I’m going to find some of those formal pictures and be able to match some of the TdJs with actual events!

Speaking of bow ties and actual events, I unearthed this old photo of the Cotton Carnival scarabs, circa 1988 or ’89. Several times this month, I have featured the holiday ties of Chip Crain, who sent me about 10 or so pix of his festive collection. Well, that’s Chip on the far right, with yours truly next to him. From there we have Jay Keegan, Preston Dellinger, John Carter, Spence Wilson, Fred Schaefer and “Too Tall” Todd Adams. For ten straight summer nights, we got limoed around and generally did what we’re pictured here doing. We protected the queen (Chip’s sister, Kim) of Cotton Carnival and menaced the 40 or so carnival princesses and their escorts (who just wore plain tuxedos, not the tails).

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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