Tie’ll Be Home for Christmas

I am miserably behind, as it’s Christmas Day (can’t spell “Merry Christmas” w/o you know what) and I have the Ties du Wednesday et Thursday to write about. PLUS, I wore an extra tie on Thursday, and then ended up wearing a bow tie to Diane’s for Xmas Eve dinner. So, just a little preview there, as there will be a rapid-fire mentality for the next 24 hours or so. And then, I’m off of work next week, heading down to Destin to visit my parents (who are here, actually).

The aforementioned parents arrived on Tuesday evening, and it started getting all Christmas-y. Julia, of course, knew the big day was coming up, but MeMere and Pop’s presence meant presents were on the way. I just loved Julia’s attitude this year…she made a short attempt to reveal [ATTENTION: SANTA SPOILER ALERT] that she no longer believed in Santa Claus. However, after some soul-searching and soul-present-counting, Julia quickly recovered from her near fall from red-woolen grace and remained a staunch supporter of all things Nöel. Her excitement increased as the big day approached.

Okay, I need to remember that this post is for the Tie du Wednesday, and save some of the holiday spirit for later.

Tie No. 190

Well, I can’t give up all the Christmas cheer, as my TdJs are still of the holiday variety. Wednesday I pulled out the second tie sent to me by Dan Murrell (the oft-mentioned GWT alum). Adorned with dogs dressed in holiday getups, it’s a tie that was raising money for the Save The Children campaign. It was actually given to Dan by the chaplain at Trezevant Manor (a retirement community in Memphis, where Dan used to work). He describes her as “a wonderful woman who brought her dog to work.” Nice.

I just can’t keep this picture from you any longer. I decided to step up the decoration on our first Christmas tree at the Flat. I tried several different methods of incorporating ties into it, but couldn’t really figure out how to weave a garland. I didn’t put much time into it, to be honest, and thankfully I figured out I should just tie a bunch of ties (already worn, of course) and hang them under the big white angel. Voila, my tree tie.

Thanks for reading…Brooke




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