Grandma got run over tie a reindeer…

Kind of a fun day, Thursday. Woke up charged and ready to get to work, even though the week had but one day left in it. Of course, Christmas was upon us, so my work day was cut short with mini-celebrations throughout. Oddly enough, they all had ties involved in some way. They do seem to follow me, don’t they?

But first, let’s discuss the Tie du Jour. This Santa-adorned tie (the 2nd holiday tie sent to me by my friend Collyn, aka ModFruGal) has a couple of things that are slightly off, at least to me. First, we have the two American flags behind St. Nick. Now, I am not familiar with his workshop, or any other rooms in his North Pole, so perhaps there is a display of all of the world’s flags. But, for some tie maker to assume that Santa is a patriot is rather silly to me. Oh, sure, I imagine that Americans have sent more letters to him over the years, but come on.

Second, he seems to be enjoying a pull off of some sort of pipe. Now, he could be depicted smoking the reefer after his big trip, or perhaps he needs to freebase coke so his body can withstand the rigors of supersonic, open-air flight. My sources tell me that he is smoking a powerful narcotic distilled from frozen reindeer chips, available only to Lapplanders and elves. Ah, drugs.

Jeffy Flie

Natey Flie

Pauly Flie

So, on to the mini-celebrations. Most Fridays I have lunch with a group of friends…we call our appointment  FLIES, which stands for Friday Lunch Information Exchange Syndicate. The information we exchange is usually pretty puerile, what you’d expect when you get 3 to 8 guys eating a $6 meal together. Oh, and we had beer this time. Anyway, I found some musical ties at the dollar store and gave them to my FLIE-boys. Nate Lindsey, Jeff Trzaskus and Paul Hletko decorated theyselves to get some GWT fame coming their way. By the way, love Paul’s cheesy wink&point.


After lunch, I accompanied my dad to the Northwestern game, for about a half and a half. NU got out to a 20-0 lead to start the game, so there was to be no Christmas shocker for Mount St. Mary’s (they sounded like a Catholic junior high school, and played like one). Anyway, a juggler came out at halftime, and he was wearing a tie. Even though my sweet seats (thanks Jeff P. & Goose Island!) were only 13 rows off of the court, this pic is as good as it gets with the iPhone.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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