Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tie

I’ve forgotten a lot of things. Keys in a locked, running car. My batting helmet, twice in one inning. Keys, more times and ways that can be imagined. Had a new one today…forgot my suit jacket. Could’ve been the pants, I guess.

Well, after a day off downtown at Navy Pier’s Winter Wonderland with my friend Mark (we’ve been BFFs for about 25 years now…wow) and his family, I got back into the Christmas tie swing o’ things with this arboreally splendiforous (no, I’m not on crack) strip from Land’s End. Looked just fine, even without my suit jacket.

So, as Mark and his family depart, the rest of my family starts to gather for some Christmas. Mom and Dad flew in last night, and will be here through the weekend. We’ll all go to the airport together, fly separate airlines, through different connecting cities, and then to different airports. Then Julia and I (and my brother Grant and his wife, Mo) will somehow get to the parental abode, where we’ll hook up with them for 5 days of (hopefully) zero snow on the ground. Dare I say golf?

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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