Do You Hear What Tie Hear?

And with that subject, I remind you to get your ears checked. We only have two of them, and they’re supposed to last as long as you wish to listen to what your friends are saying to you. Thus ends the public service message portion of my Post du Jour.

As far as the other portions du Jour, let’s get right to it.

No Moon over the North Pole

My Christmas TdJ is the 5th in the series of 5 mystery ties that I received, under mysterious circumstances, from a mystery reader. As with the Tie du Thursday, it is doubly suited as a gift/Christmas tie. From the house of Mark Shale, along with stripes of garland, it depicts a series of happy, Santas who are not choosing to moon the general public (seems a reasonable request, wouldn’t you agree?). Stay classy, Christmas tie-Santa.

Well, since I’m waiting until (yikes) Monday to write this, I had the weekend to collect some pix. And, by the way, this Monday is a day off, so there will likely be no tie.

Friday night, before dinner at Gruppo Di Amici, I went to a wine-tasting at Taste Food & Wine down in Jarvis Square. Gordon Coy of Heritage Wine Cellars took us on our journey through a few delicious wines (even a delectable port).

Saturday night, Julia and I stayed at Evanston’s Hilton Garden Inn, thanks to a great stay-cation rate. It just so happens that it was their staff holiday party, so on the way back from dinner, we ran into a few of them in mid-party mode.

Here’s HGI’s Director of Sales, Barb Klein, with her husband Greg, who had a great blue tie.

And here are Amanda Spak (Reservations Coordinator) and Victoria Baran (Sales & Catering Mgr), who are helping GWT Beno feel better for missing the festivities. Beno, it seems, worked the front desk whilst staffters drank the eggnog. Yep, that’s right, all eggnog.

And, it’s time to start a new category…FWT. Figurines With Tie. This little Hummel guy, that was probably handed down to Diane by her late grandparents, is delivering Valentines, resplendent in his little bow tie. I will not be actively seeking new FWT, but you never know where they’ll pop up.

Thanks for reading…Brooke



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