Tie Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

In the spirit of Christmas, I have fallen somewhat behind, as I now find myself on Saturday writing about the Tie du Thursday. Oh, well, it’s the thought that counts, right?

The Tie du Thursday is doubly fitting, as it is a gift tie, from my friend Dan Murrell, who has been a GWT a couple of times over, and is a regular contributor (Cats With Ties, the comic strip, etc) to 100D100T. He said a student (before starting his career in development, Dan was a French teacher) gave it to him a few years back. At first glance, it just seemed like a run-of-the-mill (that phrase seems more fitting in the clothing industry, now don’t it?) polyester tie with a bunch of Santas. At the second or third glance, however, the TdT reveals itself as cheekier than most. Yes, that is Old Saint Nick dropping some red woolen trou, giving a fond, bare-assed salute to the naughties on his list.

Thursday night was the holiday party for the Young Professionals of Evanston, held at the Evanston Golf Club (located actually in Skokie). As I’d been at another work event the night before, I didn’t really stay for very long, but I did manage to snap a couple of GWT alums in various states of tie-wearing.

David “D-Fish” Fisher is resplendent in an old school art deco (I don’t know if it’s art deco, it just felt right) strip. The headphones, I believe, are NOT attached to the tie, althought that may be a good accessory idea. Owner/founder of RockStar Consulting, D-Fish spun tunes for the YPE gang. No word yet on whether the eggnog was spiked.

And we actually have another DWT (David With Tie)…David Tognarelli, banquier extraordinaire at the Evanston branch of First Northern Credit Union, also attended the YPE feast wearing a tie. And, if you think that you recognize his tie, your thinking is right on track. I loaned my Tie du Tuesday to him. Ah, ’tis truly the season of lending.

Thanks for reading…Brooke



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