It’s the Most Wonderful Tie of the Year

Well, the Tie du Jour is pretty fantastic, I’ll assure you, but I don’t think it’s actually the wonderfullest of 2010. It is up there, but I’m not ready to give it the trophy just yet. I just went onto a Christmas carol lyric page and found a bunch of ways to put ‘tie’ in there. I’m pretty ill, when you get right down to it, and these tie-pun subjects are only further proof for the authorities to use when they lock me up in a nice, padded room.

Wednesday was the Chamber’s final Business After Hours, hosted at the Hilton Orrington. The December event always takes on a more festive feel, and the Orrington played their part in putting on a fantastic party. Santa visited, and gave out elf hats and shoes. 100D100T did participate in the curly-hat, jingle-shoed mayhem, and there may be pictures in upcoming posts. Stay tuned, elf fans.

I told you about my visit to the open house at Lee Allison‘s loft studio, and I decided to wear my newly-acquired Christmas tie to the BAH. When I saw it, I knew I’d be walking away with it that night. Oh, yes, I paid for it…I’m no thief. Vagabond, cad, scoundrel, perhaps…but not a thief. Anyway, descriptions of my moral self aside, the tie is just fantastic…Christmas trees in t’ree shades of pink.

Lots of GWT joined us last night at the X-BAH (Xmas Biz After Hrs), so let’s get to ’em.

Newly appointed Director of Community and Economic Development for the City of Evanston, Steve Griffin came all the way from Virginia to attend our party. Well, actually, he’s been here for a few weeks, but we’re happy to have him, and happier still that he wore a tie festooned with candy canes. Not that my camera is good enough for you to actually see the canes. That would be just too much, now, wouldn’t it?


Next is Billy Cross, who’s with Country Financial…he actually did travel from his home to come to the BAH; it’s just the South Loop, but we appreciate his effort all the same.


And how could I not mention our skilled bartender, Simon. His tie is hard to see here, but it went perfectly with his all-dark attire.



Patrick here (I didn’t catch his last name) attended with Michael Karras, a GWT alum, who’s with Fordham Capital Partners.


And we have Tyler Drendel, who’s in the sales group at the Orrington.

Sorry for the quick and non-verbose descriptions of my GWTs, but I had to boogie.


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