Drive-tie shooting

It’s picture day. Or, that should probably be capitalized: Picture Day. There, that’s better. As in, I’d better have Julia looking presentable. Today is forever. Every grade must be captured, lest there be a hole ripped in the fabric of a potential photo montage at a future wedding, graduation or as-yet-unHallmarked celebration.

Oh, sure, I exaggerate, but that’s just to make sure I am on my game today. The outfit, the hair, the smile coaching. Oh, yes, smile coaching is important. Julia’s a big fan of Calvin & Hobbes….it’s all there. Game day, Dad. Game face. A-Rooo!

Okay, pep talk done, let’s talk Tie du Yesterday. I’m not even that late. Well (10 hours later), now I am.

This TdY is from a designer named G.J. Cahn, who sounds more like the lead character in a TV cop drama. That probably comes from T.J. Hooker, which convinced Captain Kirk that he could/should still be on America’s collective conscience.

Anyway, enough Shatner…no, actually, it’s not enough, you need to go watch this clip of Billy Shat “singing” ‘Rocket Man’. Praise be to God that someone invented the video camera, which now allows mere humans to view such artistic debauchery, detritus and dee-saster. At least he was thinner then.


Despite TdY’s plain-ish pattern, I do like the aqua blue, which went well with this green/blue shirt. What I really dig is the label. This makes me think ol’ G.J. isn’t a TV cop after all, but a smoove G-Master-J who drives a Bugatti around, top-down, scarf (or tie, in my dream) fleeting in the wind.

I would like to give a hearty thank you to Dr. Vince Roberts, a chiropractor with Reavy Rehab, and one of my inaugural Guys With Ties. He has given me a couple of ties, and he has won one by commenting on a Freebie Friday. Dr. Vince pledged 25 cents for every PWT (Philanthropists With Ties) taken during the week that I wore Tie No. 100. Well, even though I reported that I’d taken 70 pictures, Dr. Vince did NOT pay me what he said he’d pay. He OVER-paid me. By quite a lot. Thanks, man, for the generous donation to the Evanston Community Foundation.

I also want to remind our early Xmas shoppers that you can get some great ties from our bestest, tie-retailerest buddy, Lee Allison. Just enter 100TIES in the promotion code box at checkout, and you’ll get 25% off of your complete order. Thanks, Lee, Thanks, Trideep.

And, thanks, (collective) you readers…Brooke


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