Oh, to be a tie on the wall…

I have stretched my lateness to new levels. For the first time ever, I have 3 ties to write about. Yikes. Let’s bust them out, shall we?

My Tie du Wednesday (or mercredi, for the franco-american spaghetti-o fans out there) is a pink number from Beau Brummel. Or is it coral? Fuchsia? Thulian? For that last one, I need to thank the magic of Wikipedia and their shade of pink table, via Google. The blue and white stripes give it some texture, and make the tie pop off of the shirt.

Wednesday was a day of networking for the Chamber. We had our SOHO lunchtime event for small and home-based offices, with a presentation and q&a session with Johanna Nyden of the City of Evanston’s Economic Development Department. In the evening, it was time for some Lawyers, Guns & Money, over at Union Pizzeria.

Gawsh, this has to be my worst entry…

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Oh, to be a tie on the wall…”

  1. Dirk Says:

    Dig the shade-of-pink table. It is seldom acknowledged how many shades of pink exist!

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