Pulling the wool over your ties…

No, no, I’m not trying to trick you in some fashion. It’s not often that I have two expressions that are based on the theme of the TdJ: wool. So, yes, “Tied in the Wool” will be coming soon to a blog (has that word been upgraded yet?) near you.

My Tie du Jour is from the Woolcrofters line from the folks at Wembley tie makers, a good old British company. It’s a good think this is not a shirt, or [Scottish voice] a KILT!, because I believe it would be the Itchy-Scratchy Show. It is better looking than it would feel, granted, with its purple and gray tones. I can’t remember if this was a candidate for Purple Tie Week, as I’m not exactly sure when I bought it. I need to start taking notes or something, but I guess my habits may not be changing if they haven’t with Tie No. 140.

Paul Giddings' hands make a guest appearance in this photo

I have a Long-Distance Guy With Tie here. The picture makes GWT regular Paul Hletko look miiiiiiiles away, but he’s actually a mere 15 yards away or so. Last night, I went to the Lorraine Morton Civic Center to watch Paul navigate the seas that make up the city council committee process. As you will hear much about, he is starting a distillery called Few Spirits (click on link, become a fan!) smack dab in the middle of Evanston, the birthplace of the Prohibition movement. Or, well, probably one of the birthplaces. Anyway, he was eloquent, he was driven, he was wearing a tie, and most importantly, his first steps were approved unanimously. Hip, hip! Hooray!

I read through some old posts and I learned that, during the inaugural Tie Week, Red Tie Week, I started a piece called “Cultural Reference Corner” or something to that effect. I’d like to try to reboot that, and I’ll base it on the purpleness (purplitude? purpliscosity?) of the TdJ. In honor of Brett “Text Photo” Favre’s game-cinching Pick-6 last night, I will mention the Purple People Eaters, the nickname for the Minnesota Vikings’ ferocious defensive line from the 60s & 70s. The name came from the Sheb Woolley song, of course: “One-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater.” Carl Eller, Jim Marshall, Alan Page (who went on to sit on the Minnesota Supreme Court I think) and Gary Larsen (who went on to change his last name to ‘Larson’ and draw ‘The Far Side’) enamored their fans while still breaking their hearts, falling 4 times in the Super Bowl.

Thanks for reading…Brooke



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