Can’t spell ‘Alex Chilton’ without T-I-E…

Via the magic of Facebook, I learned something new. No, no, not that a bunch of Harvard kids got really rich–that was in the movie, The Social Network, that just came out. No, one of my oldest friends, David Wells, informed me (as well as his own social network) that, 43 years ago, this song hit #1 on the pop charts. It’s “The Letter”, by the Box Tops, fronted by the late, super-great Alex Chilton (who is a new Rocker With Tie, as you can see), one of the finest singers to come out of the Memphis area. Also in that group? Well, there’s Elvis and Aretha (no last names needed), and even Justin Timberlake gets some River City love. As for me, I only sing on long car trips…when my passenger has reached the end of his/her sanity, I belt out a few notes to put them over the edge.

My Tie du Jour, and Friday Freebie, should anyone really want it, is another from Christian Dior. I had a colorful bug in the brain juice on Friday, and I thought I’d try to get something going with this particular Gene Meyer shirt. I think I pulled it off, but am not sure. I should, perhaps, have muted it with my tan linen jacket, but it was over 80, so Nahhh.

Saturday night I took Julia and two other kids to the Northwestern-Purdue football contest. Mildly frustrating that the kids wanted to leave at halftime, but not as frustrating as NU’s play was throughout the affair. Muffed punts, missed field goals…blech. I did enjoy the fact that it was played in the evening, which has been done about once every other year. More, NU, more! The tailgate (thanks, Hilton Garden Inn!) is thoroughly more enjoyable (as is the beer) when its enjoyability is enjoyed at 5pm as opposed to 10:15am.

Thanks for reading…Brooke



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