Keep your tie on the ball…

Ah, the basic tenet of baseball, completely unfollowed by the Reds last night as they could not get a single hit against Philadelphia’s Roy Halladay. In a playoff game. I know, I know, this is a (stretch of a) fashion blog, not a baseball blog. But, I delved into the world (cup) of soccer in early summer, and that seemed to go okay. Kudos to Mr. Halladay, for waiting 12 years to pitch in the playoffs and really making the most of it. The Reds are now under quite a lot of pressure to get a hit against the Game 2 hurler, Roy Oswalt. Wonder if Pete Rose is betting on them…

This is not Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno

Well, let’s see if my Tie du Jour is a hit. It’s from Bruno Piatelli, and it’s a pretty understated gray strip, with blue squares within a squared pattern. Sorry, not my greatest description ever, but you work with what you got. I put it with this blue striped shirt and wore them all under my Yves Saint Laurent suit, so at least I was sporting some texture. Wow, my description is not getting any better, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Blue on blue

I did manage to snap a couple of Guys With Ties yesterday. We’ll start off with David Alexander, who works for Rotary International. He and I play soccer together from time to time in that Sunday pickup game. You know, THAT Sunday pickup game…

When I arrived at the office I was greeted by the happy, smiling face of Mike Drennan, who was (besides happy and smiling) joining up his family’s medical device business–DM Systems–with the Chamber. Mike is a fellow Lincoln School dad, as well.

So, today I will be in my first all-day session with my Leadership Evanston program, run through the Evanston Community Foundation. I polled thousands of people (oh, okay, it was just one–but it was someone whose opinion I trust completely) about whether I should wear a tie, and the answer came back a resoundingly quick NO. So, the Friday Freebie will be the next strip sported.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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