Chicken Tied Steak

Not many things better than chicken fried steak; chicken fried chicken comes to mind, but I’m not 100% sure that it’s a real menu item. Pretty sure, but I guess it’s possible that I dreamt it.

So, obviously, I’m hungry for some Southern food. Wonder if Buntyn Cafe in Memphis delivers this far north…probably not this late at night. It is, after all, an 8-10 hour drive.

Item next for my Shit to Learn to Do: Make chicken-fried [insert meat] and three or four unhealthy-but-so-goldarn-delicious-it-don’t-matter side dishes.

mustangs and madras!

Well, we’re back to the Friday Freebie, not that anyone is going to comment to claim it. The Tie du Jour–yes, actually from this jour!–is a classic madras strip from Land’s End. My friend (and one of the original Guys With Ties) Dr. Vince “VJ” Roberts saw it this morning at Brothers K and exclaimed, “Is that a Land’s End? I HAD THAT TIE!” Well, if he comments, he can have it again…hint, hint.

Sorry about this terrible photo…completely out of focus, AND the color of my blue shirt is totally warped. It looks like a plain blue oxford, but it’s actually a nice aqua blue number. Oh, well…one day I’ll have a decent camera with an average flash.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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