Turning a blind tie…

I attended the Michelle Shocked concert last night at SPACE, here in Evanston. If you’ve never seen a show there, you simply must. They have a wonderfully varied (can I use the word ‘eclectic’ here?) calendar, chock full of expert musicians from several different genres and decades. The intimacy attached to shows is priceless, and it really adds to every chord, strum and lyric. Even for songs I don’t know, I feel that by the middle of it, it becomes a part of my mental songlist.

As for a critique of Michelle’s performance, I must say that I had never seen her before, and my ‘songlist of M. Shocked songs’ inluded those from one single album, “Short Sharp Shocked.” A great album, by the way. Between songs, she told a few stories, which is fine because it fits perfectly into her modus operandi. But, I wish she had cut down on the footnote-like storytelling during the songs. I wanted to sing with her, to have my voice mingle with hers, just like it did in the late 80s when I listened to her CD. But, I must say, her playing fit right into SPACE’s location…her guitar work is top-notch, and her singing voice is still incredible. Less tangent, more rock.

Dior Maker

My Tie du Jour was rescued from the Unique Thrift Store a few weeks back. From Christian Dior, it’s a pretty interesting pattern, perhaps drug-induced, featuring eyeball-looking spheres centered with fingerprint-looking whorls. To me, this type of tie was a bit more fashionable in years gone by, but this one still has legs, so to speak.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking a field trip to the Lee Allison Company, a designer of fine ties, at their worldwide headquarters. I will have to be wearing one of my finest (remaining, of course) strips…already getting a little nervous about it.

'Tis but a scratch!

Oh, and I forgot about a new category, the ever-important KAWT (Kitchen Accessory With Tie). Last night my stepson Steven and his girlfriend Sarah hosted a family dinner in their new apartment. Sarah has an amusing knife block called “The Ex”, so named because the knives all strategically stab thru part of his body. He was wearing a tie, so he is now the inaugural (and I imagine, the only) KAWT.

Well, thanks for reading…Brooke


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