Easy as tie

Now that the Mash Up is over, my brain has apparently started to mush up. I’m a day late on the Tie du Thursday, and then will probably be late for the Friday Freebie. But, no matter…

My TdJ is from Claiborne, for men, I presume. I love the stripes in here; this is another tie from the giftbag of Joe Smith, who dropped off 8 ties at my office last week.

If anyone has any ties that they’d like to see on the wide, wide world of worldwide web (I would like to advocate that URLs begin with wwwwww. instead of just www.), just get ’em to me and I’ll sport ’em and send ’em back.

My main Thursday activity was an orientation session for the 19th Leadership Evanston program, put on by the Evanston Community Foundation. Our class is 31 strong (well, 30 strong, and then me) and it’s going to be a great year.

I found some more Guys With Ties on Thursday…

Ted Perez is a brand new friend with a very cool hobby. Ted brews beer, and it’s mighty tasty, from what I hear. He actually brought me  a couple of bottles several weeks ago, but I was heading out so I couldn’t take it with me. Can’t wait to sample some.

Swim, Todd, Swim.

Todd Paul here brews a little beer, as well. He’s a GWT alum, and just started Leadership Evanston with me. Todd is a man who wears many hats (and ties): he owns a cycling team and a cycling shop, he is soon to be the Evanston Chamber’s property manager, he is a partner in the Mecafresh restaurant and he once swam across the English Channel. Oh, and that was just a year after he learned to swim. Underachiever.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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