My brown-tied girl…

Well, technically, I have hazel eyes; and, physically, I’m a boy. So the title, thanks to Van The Man Morrison’s sing-a-long special, really pertains to my Tie du Jour. Skippin’ and a jumpin’, indeed…

I had a missed opportunity last night at the Lincoln School Ice Cream Social. I volunteered to be on the assembly line for all of the ice cream, and I had pictured wearing my seersucker suit. Since I get asked if I’m shillin’ ice cream when I wear it anyway, I figured I’d take the opportunity to say “Yes. Yes, I do sell ice cream” at least once. But, it turns out it was hot and humid. So, while it may be nostalgic to dress up humorously like a Good Humor man, it’s just not nice to scare kids when you sweat through a suit while slingin’ vanilla.

Fly away, Eagle

My Tie du Jour, unfortunately, is tagless, so unless the designer comes forth, we’ll just never know the true source of this strip. And, that’s too bad, because I really like it. Brown ties took a rest for a while, as they seemed naturally aligned with the short-sleeve-white-shirt-pocket-protector set. But, now, along with a general cooling of brown in fashion, there are more ties that use it as a base color. And it may be tough to see, but the pattern consists of a few tiny crests.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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