A wise man once said, “Honey, could you turn that down? I’m trying to read.” I don’t know which wise man said it, but don’t you think it’s possible? I have always enjoyed reading the Bartlett’s Book of Familiar Quotations. All this wisdom, prose, poetry…bound together and categorized by subject. But didn’t these people say some dumb things? Mundane things? Those would be more the familiar quotations, right?

I mean, we have George Washington and his “I cannot tell a lie” myth; Abraham Lincoln’s much-proven Gettysburg Address, which began with “Four score and seven years ago…” But, even those guys must have said silly things, right? George could have said, “Wow, Martha, do you think you could have food that’d make me forget that I have wooden teeth?” Abe: “This sucky play makes me want to blow my head off.” See, now that would be a great book of quotations.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re saying. This sounds like stoner talk, but I’m not a stoner. What does this have to do with ties? Nothing. Someone said something really amazing to me the other day, and it’s never going to end up in a quote book, and perhaps that person will never be known as particularly wise. I guess what I’m trying to say is, Pay attention to the wisdom you’ve chosen to surround yourself with, and don’t hunt down those who claim to be wise.

Sir, step down from the soapbox.

Look closely...

Okay, on to my Tie du Jour. It’s from Lord & Taylor, and it was treasure-hunted at Unique Thrift Store, like so many of my strips are. From a distance it looks pretty staid, but up close it is quite complex. This picture actually may bring out the best in this tie, strangely enough. For a camera that has left a lot to be desired on many a tie-occasion, it really came through this time. Well done, iPhone camera.

The Chamber hosted a networking event this evening, called Lawyers, Guns & Money. Maggie and Dean Noonan from WineStyles were the gracious hosts. Pretty sure I’ve taken pictures from the event before, and tonight I got a couple Guys With Ties.

Joel Lipman is a real estate/business attorney who lives in Evanston, and offices in Rogers Park. I like the color in this one.

Square to be hip

Tom O’Hare, of North Shore Community Bank, is a GWT alum, and his square-patterned tie gets him in once again. Here, the camera disappoints slightly again, as his tie is actually much more detailed.

Thanks for reading, especially through that first part…such drivel.



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