Tied for second…

Second day of school! Second day of…nah, it doesn’t have the same ring to it.

As I mentioned yesterday (or, actually, about an hour ago, when I finished posting about the Tie du Yesterday), I counted my remaining ties, and I had some thoughts on how to wear multiple strips in one day. My Tie du Jour, from Marshall Field’s (bought famously by Macy’s), is a fairly simple red tie with small decorations on it, very much like 2 or 3 other ties in my collection. I thought I’d bring them all, and change them every time I went into my office or something, and see if anyone noticed.

Pretty crazy, huh? Sorry I may have spoiled the surprise.

I ran across a great article in GQ from their summer issue. Sex, Drugs & Neckties. As I have been one of the small percentage of the Evanston work force that dresses formally for work, I have established somewhat of a philosophy on this. I see dozens and dozens of professionals, ranging in age from 20 to 60+, walking around in casual dress, in obvious work mode. And that’s fine. While the article suggests that ties are the new casual, I go a bit further and say that wearing suit and tie is the new casual. At least in Evanston, there are so few of us, that my tie, pocket square and cuff links, for example, are looked at with more fanfare and wonder than the Gap-cargo-shorts/brand-spankin’-new-Target-vintage-rock-tshirt/latest-expensive-sandals trifecta. Some call me a snob. Some call me the gangster of love. Some people call me Maurice.

Hey! Steve Miller, everyone!

I have to admit that I was pretty stunned to learn yesterday that I have about 75 ties left to wear and write about. Today, though, I had a fun interaction when I walked into First Northern Credit Union, my financial institution that holds the money I have, fleetingly. I walked in as Rod was describing his MOST awesome tie. It’s got skeletons riding motorcycles on it. Skeletons! Riding on Motorcycles! That would immediately move into my Pantheon of Ties subcollection. I’d have a Motorcycles and Skeletons Week, and wear it every day. And I will strike down upon thee with vengeance, and FUUUUURIOUS anger, to those who would defy my tie-wearin’ authority!

Hey! Samuel L. Jackson, everyone! Playing the role of Julius, in Pulp Fiction.

Okay, enough with the cameo appearances. Thanks for reading…Brooke


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