Tie a little tenderness…

So, this is the longest it’s taken me to post about a tie. Friday’s TdJ has waited 3 full days to become famous, and I hope it gets its full credit despite my procrastination. Despite the holiday weekend, I had quite a bit going on, and really didn’t find the time to sit my derriere down in front of the laptop. Well, perhaps the aforementioned tush WAS in place, but just didn’t feel like blogging.

Speaking of that word, I find it unfortunate that “blog” became the term for what we do. Not only does it have “Blah” in its sound repertoire, “blog” is just not music to the ears, nor is it pleasant to say. When I say, “I have a blog” or “I have a tie blog”, it just doesn’t convey 100% of the pride that I actually possess about my, um, blog. I’m fairly certain that it’s too late, but if I’m ever appointed Internet Czar, one of my first orders of business will be to create a kinder, gentler word.

My Tie du Jour could have fit in with the Mad Men Tie Week. It’s a simple blue tie from Tie Rak (I’m guessing it’s an old store, since there are no Google entries) with a single cool pattern on it, and I think it went smashingly with my diamond shirt from Gene Meyer. A perfect casual Friday combination, which reminds me: this is the Friday Freebie, so if anyone would like this vintage number, just send a nice comment and it’s probably yours. I’ve gone several weeks without giving one away, so let’s get this moving.

As you can see from the photo, I eschewed my tie clip, as i wanted to be a little on the casual side. It was windy on Friday, so both the long end and the short end flew about a bit more that I’m used to. But, according to GQ, there are liberties that can be taken, even with–GASP–the thin part longer than the fat part.

Short week coming up, and I’ll be extremely busy pumping up the First Annual Evanston Business Mash Up. At what will be the largest gathering of Evanston businesspeople on the Northwestern campus, we will be getting some amazing people under one tent for a fantastic night.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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