Can’t spell ‘Schnitzel’ without T-I-E…

Don’t order the schnitzel; they’re using schnauzer. — Murray/Winger to random German couple.

I’m afraid I haven’t been able to come up with any deep, philosophical tie-in (ha!) with schnitzel. Or schnauzers. Or random German couples. Just a funny line, delivered perfectly.

Getting to the blog a bit late…again. This Tie Week Month just takes a lot out of me. I mean, I’m massaging all these egos, ties that wish to make it to the big time, and not just on a random day. There’s a light purple knit tie that technically has stripes, and it really has been selling itself. But, I’m afraid it’s still just 50-50 for being tomorrow’s Friday Freebie.

Am I blue? if this tie could talk (and if it were sad), it's answer would be 'Yes'

My Tie du Jour (as of now it’s the Tie du Yesterday) is from Haband, cool in its simplicity. Three tones of blue in bold stripes give it some standing on this light plaid shirt. Wow, is that a bunch of BS or what? I guess my initials make me able to pull that out every once in a while.

Well, we have a Girl With Tie, or more specifically a DWT, today. My wonderful daughter Julia went garage saling/antiquing with my wonderful parents (well, wonderful except that they didn’t take me). They found this awesome-awesome-so-perfectly-awesome lampshade made out of–what else?!–ties!

This lampshade/hat will be so versatile. I was always amazed that the lampshade has the reputation for symbolizing a great party, or at least one that got out of hand (at least for the wearer/bearer of said accessory). I say it’s time to bring that back! Lampshades for everyone! Baseball caps are so…everywhere. Let’s have  a BYOL party, and really get down. Plus, in my case, I’ll not only be wearing a tie, I’ll be wearing 12.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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