You can’t go! All the plants will tie!

One of the most ultimately desperate “stay-with-me” lines ever uttered in the history of moviedom, narrowly edging Julia Roberts/Anna Scott’s “I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy…” speech to Hugh Grant/Brit Everyman in Notting Hill. After losing his job and his car, not to mention his pizza, Bill Murray/John Winger gets lower than low to save his relationship with topless Anita. Unfortunately, she does leave, and even more unfortunately (hey, I was, like 13 when i saw it!), she does don a sweater, despite his green (before green was cool, n’est-ce pas?) protestations.

It’s funny how, since it’s Stripes Week, I’ve noticed many more striped ties around than usual. As I’m nearly positive they aren’t all reading 100 Days, 100 Ties, it’s likely just my observation being a bit more keen. I need to get more ballsy and go ask to take photos.

Got a Basketball Jones...

And here we have Striped Tie No. 2, and Tie No. 109, if my counting skills haven’t eroded (not a stretch, actually). It’s from Jones New York, and I love this red. It defines the ‘POP’ that a tie should accomplish, and if there is such a thing as a ‘power’ tie in my collection, this is it.

I wore it, not only to conform with the spirit of Stripes Week, the final installment in Tie Week Month, but also because yesterday morning the Chamber hosted our monthly Networking Breakfast. As the name implies, breakfast is served, and there is networking going on. Actually, despite its simplistic name, it is pretty popular among our membership, as we had 60 or so people there.

One giant leap for Mankind (Project)

Apparently I got a wee bit ballsy, and I did manage to snap a shot of one Guy With Tie. Chris Jaffe, Executive Director of the Mankind Project, came as a guest of my good friend Eric Schneider, owner of Huron Paper, home of the oldest paper recycling plant in Chicago. You may recall that Eric is a GWT alum (along with his son, Levi), as he borrowed one of my ties recently for a wedding. It was his first tie worn in 8 years or so.

Thanks so much for reading…Brooke


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