Ties does matter…

Yes, the proper English would be ‘Ties DO matter’ but grammar don’t concern me none right now.

We’re gonna keep on keepin’ on here, with Tie No. 93 in the hizzouse, celebrating Day 3 of Mad Men Tie Week, which is celebrating Week 1 of Tie Week Month. And WHAT a celebration it is!

Out of the 4 or 5 ties that Don Draper sported the other day, one was a bit extra stripey (or maybe it was another of the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce wags), so I thought this Tie du Jour matched up with the era pretty well. It’s from Baskin, which is definitely not a main player in the world of high fashion. But, this one has a little retro life in it, with it’s big orange and smaller neon green-adorned stripes. This one was tougher to tie, as it was very short. Were people really much shorter? Or were tie-wearers Elves?

T.I.E. = take it easy

I believe I’ve mentioned my friends, Paul & Susan Frischer, who own MarketFresh Books, where you can buy used books (and CDs, videos, etc) by the pound. I was in there with Julia the other day, and Susan had set something aside that is pretty special. Catalog Man, a series of postcards (marketed by Chronicle Books) depicting British “fashion” from the 70s, is tear-inducingly funny. Several of them are hawking ties, and I’ll try to post a couple here and there. This first one kills me (sorry, they all do) because of the turd-sniffing face that the ‘model’ is modeling, while trying to pull off sporting a full shirt-and-tie ensemble under the cheesy silk robe/smoking jacket look. His partner is probably relieved he doesn’t have to look at the camera, at least.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for ripping on a decade’s worth of fashion crime…Brooke


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